Sunday, April 04, 2010

CNN chooses flair and fluff over fact

Today by pure chance I fell upon Fareed Zakaria's GPS show, an interview with Shahrukh Khan, also known as King Khan, India's top-grossing actor.

He was asked about his film "My Name is Khan" about a Muslim man married to a Hindu woman living in post-9/11 America.

Interesting. I am intrigued enough to watch the film. Khan was rather eloquent.

But I was quickly reminded why I cannot stand the smug, biased coverage that is CNN.

Tours of the Tyrant, was the network's promotion of a special segment about pictures released of Kim Jong-il.

Zakaria called the North Korean leader a rapacious tyrant.
Then he beamed a smile to the viewers.


What does Zakaria's description benefit the viewer? There were no facts offered, no story - the whole thing was designed to belittle and ridicule a leader that has become fair target for US and most Western media.

But I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see this. As usual CNN does not disappoint in choosing flair and fluff over fact.

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