Friday, February 05, 2010

Getting off the information superhighway

The Internet was supposed to liberate. Instead, it has shackled the audience to a sordid entanglement of poorly written, poorly researched, and poorly presented information masquerading as journalism. If this is the "Information Highway", am getting off.

I haven't blogged in about three years. During this absence, the media has gone stir crazy. In 2009, for example, we had Obamamania, Michael Jackson overkill (ooops!), balloon boy bullshit, Brangelina fanaticism, and climate change conundrums - to name a few - which diverted our attention from real issues such as global terrorism, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia. When millions of American viewers are glued to their TV sets watching a balloon allegedly carrying a boy rather than taking just five minutes to reflect on the plight of millions of destitute peoples around the world ... well, Houston we have a problem.

It's enough to drive anyone mad. As a result, I decided to shed some light on the dire darkness that global media has created around us. From the Murdoch-owned empire of evil to the so-called independent media groups like Al Jazeera, etc, this blog will attempt to pinpoint exactly where the system went wrong.

I am an amateur historian, a professor of journalism, who has worked in the industry for 18 years and who has watched the media consumer lose control of a tool originally designed to service the audience.

And so, we begin ...

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